In the beginning…

BLOGGING YAY! Dearest readers (if there are any only five minutes after starting a blog). Welcome! I decided that since I like to write and I journal pretty muc24/7, why not write on the Internet-machines? Did you know that nearly a third of bloggers use their blogs to advance political agendas? True, true. I may do that. Although I am pretty weird politically. Anyway, keeping this short and simple until I can figure out how to work this crazy machine: I ‘m a 25-year-old transgender writer (read: unemployed/life-long student) and I decided to start a blog because starting next Wednesday (the 15th of December) I will begin living full-time as a woman, so I thought I’d document it. Yay! Also, I recently started a local skeptics’ club in my area, so there may be a lot of railing against pseudoscience and crazy mystical beliefs. (Did you know that believers in the paranormal are even more susceptible to the conjunction fallacy than the general population?)  Also, I am a geek of the comic book and video game variety, so I may talk some about that. Finally, I may blog about whatever the fuck I’m writing currently (I am working on my first novel and have published a few short stories and one poem). Hopefully this won’t be like my venture into the twit-o-sphere a few months ago, which lasted all of two weeks. (I’ve never understood the whole social media thing.)

Also, after writing this first post, I have decided that WordPress is way laggified. Sad, sad. Perhaps it’s not uber-compatible with Firefox? There’s a delay when I try to reposition my cursor. This may get annoying…


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