“Nice guy” wants to help YOU!

Dear ladies,

Having trouble decrypting the cipher-like enigma that is the average man’s brain? Can’t seem to get him to call you back? Does it sometimes feel like men and women are two completely distinct species? HAVE NO FEAR! Some douche genuinely wants to help you!

I can’t believe people buy into this shit. In case you’re wondering, this is what I refer to as Self Help Scheme #2: Improving Human Interactions. Here are the two key features of this brand of fraud:

1. People always fit into a few predefined boxes. A lot of times you’ll see these types of self-help schemes peddling things like personality tests (I didn’t sign up for this service or investigate too much, but I didn’t see any such test on this site). In this particular case, the “genuinely nice guy” doesn’t need to hock a test because his types are simple and known to everyone: the two mainstream heteronormative sexes. “Men” are in one box and “women” are in another.

2. Broad generalizations are drawn about these different types and are said to always apply in all cases. Of course the critical thinker would know it’s absurd to imply that all relationships can be boiled down to simple, easy-to apply rules or even guidelines. Most relationships and social interactions are fluid and complex, constantly changing, and influenced by a nearly infinite number of variables. It may be nice to depend on heuristics in social interactions, but the truly attentive socialite (or romantic partner) is aware of a good number of these variables and knows how to navigate them on the fly. No program, book, or mailing list will ever teach you how to do this. The only way to learn is through experience. (Critical thinking helps a lot, too, but some people complain that I’m too analytical, so it may just be me.)

Basically, this guy either wants money or attention. He probably paints himself as some sort of fourth-wave feminist or some such babble and thinks that his subtle brand of sexism is really a progressive, women-friendly philosophy. At best, this guy is an ignorant douche. At worst, he’s a con artist.

The sad thing is that some women will probably get caught up in his bullshit and soon he’ll have all sorts of testimonials and an endorsement from Oprah. *sigh*


One thought on ““Nice guy” wants to help YOU!

  1. Out of all the stuff I could possibly comment on, I’m going to say that I love you’ve got GameFAQs as one of your clickable links.

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