Contemplating a name change

So for the most part I had always thought that I would keep my name (Alex) when I transitioned because I’m kind of attached to it. Also, I’ve published under this name, and I’d like future work to be traceable to me. However, recently I’ve been seriously contemplating a change to a more obviously feminine name. There are two reasons for this. First, I’m fairly androgynous even when I try my hardest to pass, so I feel like having a female name will be an easy way to say “I’m a woman.” Second, I have this theory I call the “default person theory.” Basically, I think that when people are given a name that is not clearly male or female (such as on a job application), they will automatically default to male. Having a female name could help with this.

The name I’m thinking of is Alice, not only because it sounds a lot like Alex, but also because I’m a big fan of the Lewis Carroll books and the Gothic horror-themed computer/video games inspired by those books. The more I think about it, the more I like the name. Really, this is a new path I’m embarking on, so why not get a new name to go along with it?


2 thoughts on “Contemplating a name change

  1. You’ll have to excuse me as I no doubt will give off the aura of the uninformed, but I think Alice would be a good name for you. Truthfully, as I was reading your blog post, I was like, “Shit, I hope he doesn’t go with something like Courtney.”

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