First week of school

So the first week of school went relatively well. So far my instructors and classmates have all been incredibly respectful, if a little uneducated. It actually went better than I had expected. I just got a volunteer job at the LGBTQA Resource Center and will attend my first meeting next Monday and sign up for whatever jazz I want to help out with. Also meet the other volunteers.

I did make at least one new friend. An English major whom I’d seen around quite a bit last semester after switching back to an English/Philosophy double-major. His name is Alec and, as I suspected, he is at least queer friendly (he is an on-call volunteer at the Resource Center). I had him pegged as a queer. Not that he’s effeminate or anything; just something about him seems not heteronormative.

Also, my friend made me feel incredibly good about myself on the first day of our sociolinguistics class. She hadn’t seen me since I started living full-time (she was out of town over break) and so when she saw me as a woman she kept going on about how good I looked. It made me really happy. Friends are a good thing to have.

As I expected, Linguistics and Society and Philosophy of Language are the highlights of the semester. My Philosophy of Language professor warned us on the first day about how dense the first reading (Frege’s “On Sense and Nominatum”) was, but I understood it better than any other philosophical text I’ve read. I had a feeling I’d have a knack for this stuff.

Also as expected, Writing: Uses of Literacy is the killer. It’s a total fluff class. I can’t believe it’s an upper-level class. It’s shit I did in my 12th grade AP Lang & Comp class. I am quite shocked.

For now I’m not sure how much blogging I’m going to be able to do during the week, since I’ll be pretty busy with school, but I’ll try to at least check in on the weekends. I know some of my friends have started coming here to keep up with my exploits and I don’t want you guys to think I’ve gone back into one of my withdrawn phases. Just gots works ta do.


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