Nameless, faceless drones

So I called the cable company today and notice a psychological phenomenon that I’ve noticed several times before but never really thought much about. As anyone who’s called a call center knows, they usually start by asking your name and then they tell you theirs. I hear it every time, but I can never remember their names; they go in one ear and right out the other. For the life of me I can’t remember any of their names even two seconds after they tell me; it just doesn’t even register.

I’m sure this is because to me they are simply nameless, faceless drones, completely interchangeable. They’re just a means to me, not an end. Kant would be ashamed. (Good think I think Kant was a shitty moral philosopher.) I was completely shocked to find that I functioned this way, since I generally value people pretty highly. Next time I call a call center I’m going to make an effort to remember the agent’s name, even if I have to ask them a million times. They deserve respect, or at least a name.


One thought on “Nameless, faceless drones

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