Some progress on the voice front

So, I can pretty confidently do a breathy bimbo voice. However, it’s not the voice I want. Bummer. I did get a decent female voice on Friday night after about fifteen minutes of intense effort, but I got so excited when I realized that I had finally done it my voice broke mid-sentence and I have no clue how to get back there. Right now I’m just going with my male voice in classes for the sake of ease, because it takes a lot of concentration even to maintain the breathy bimbo voice. Plus, I don’t want folks thinking I’m a breathy bimbo. I’d rather them think that I was a cross-dressing tranny. I suppose now all I have to do is figure out how to maintain the feminine voice and remove the breathiness. Oh, well, I’ll just keep working at it and eventually I’ll figure it out.

UPDATE: Nailed it! Except it really kills my vocal chords. Eeep. At least now I know how to get there (I tried going in and out to make sure), so as soon as I get those particular muscles used to working more than usual I should be able to get it down.


2 thoughts on “Some progress on the voice front

  1. Are you taking medications? Do you plan on surgery? Is this an experiment, or is it permanent? Do you want to be with a man, or a woman?

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