Dear liberals: Free Wood Post is a joke news organization

So the Twitters is a-lighting up in reaction to this Free Word Post article claiming that Santorum called Jesus a liberal. Not just that, he accused the Bible of teaching socialism! While I’m no Biblical expert, I do think Jesus was more liberal than the fundies make him out to be. However, this story of a radical believer is just too silly to take seriously. That’s when I noticed the link was to a Free Wood Post article! In case you’re not with it (or can’t read the GIANT FUCKING BANNER ACROSS THE TOP OF EVERY ARTICLE), FWP is a liberal satire website, whose slogan is “News That’s ALMOST Reliable.” They work by making the right-wing believers out to be more openly crazy than they ever would be.

Next time you're at FWP, LOOK UP!

Unfortunately, liberals are just as ignorant and un-skeptical as conservatives (they just prefer their nonsense to be of the New Age variety and all their scientific research to be done by celebrities). This leads to unfortunate snaffus in which liberals make themselves look even stupider than the conservatives. At least the conservatives can read! Since I generally fall into the “crazy radical atheist socialist” category, I tend to be more sympathetic to the lefties and don’t like it when they make themselves silly. Therefore, I urge liberals to be a little more skeptical, at least when it comes to the news. You can still visit your chiropractor for “medical” advice or have your chakras aligned or whatever, just try to know who you’re getting your news from. Take a psychology, sociology, political science, or even linguistics class! A little education in the social sciences would prevent you making an ass of yourself. Or, you can always read their banner! In case you missed it, here it is again:

Seriously, this is at the top of EVERY article!

Seriously, folks. Skeptics really do have more fun. (We laugh more, at least.)


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