President Obama proves he has a heart

So I picked the best time to go for my afternoon walk: right as the news breaks that Obama has reversed his reversal of his stance on marriage equality. Anyway, now it’s all out of the bag and I’m back at home watching CNN do their obligatory four hours of commentary on a single sound bite. And now Mitchell Romney is talking his head about how gays don’t deserve equal rights. Lovely.

Anyway, let me just say that it’s about fucking time. For the past few decades, the queer community has had the backs of the democrats, and we just keep getting thrown under the bus. Granted, all of this jazz about major Democrats supporting gay marriage smacks of politicking, and I can see several reasons why it’s not until now that he’s growing a heart, but still, it’s nice that he’s getting with the times.

I like to think part of it is the fact that he’s the product of a mixed-race marriage, so he’s probably heard a thing or two about people in love not being able to get married because conservatives are a bunch of sex-obsessed purophiles who like to get their panties in a wad over people not acting proper-like. I also thought that it was pleasant that he mentioned that Sasha and Malia have friends with same-sex parents and that they don’t understand why some people should get the shaft just because of biology. Maybe it really is a generational thing. The average IQ goes up with each successive generation, and people with higher IQs are more likely to be liberal, so maybe we’re just collectively evolving to become cooler with difference. Maybe sometime in the future–hopefully in my lifetime–we’ll see an anti-Amendment 1 amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I’d be pretty cool with that.

Anyway, back to the politicking. It’s obvious that Obama is grasping at straws in a deadlocked election, trying to appease as much of his base as possible. One problem he may now face is alienating his black voters: black Democrats are slightly more anti-marriage equality than your usual Democrats. However, by coming out on one side of a major hot-button issue, President Obama is clearly drawing a line in the sand. It is us against them, and us is the U.S. Executive branch, the part of our government which is responsible for keeping the peace. If you’re a heartless bigot, your enemy is none other than the White House. That’s a major endorsement for queer little transsexual lesbians like me. That’s also pretty scary. The country will now be divided, and those wishy-washy neutral idiots will be forced to form an opinion. Granted, I’d love for them to form an opinion since there is no such thing as neutrality in the socio-political world, but this is shaping up to be Act II of the Civil Rights Movement. It already looks a lot like the Civil Rights Movement proper; all we need now is an eloquent and intellectual minister to unite the queers and allies.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble a bit because I’m still half-watching CNN talk this story to death, so in closing, I’ma just leave you with my favorite sound-bite from this storm:

Welcome to the right side of history, Mr. President.

                           –LZ Granderson


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