Mitt Romney is secretly a major asshole

So perhaps by now you’ve heard the news that Mitt Romney was really secretly one of those terrible schoolhouse bullies what drive people to kill themselves and suchlike. Let me just say that this news doesn’t shock me. It’s not a major intuitive leap to assume that the guy who made his fortune as a professional worker-layer-offer has a hard-on for acting like a macho tough guy.

Here’s the deal: while it’s true that kids do some stupid things all in the name of winning favor among peers, there is no excuse for being an antisocial assfuck. The proper thing to do now would be to issue a major public apology to anyone he may have treated like shit. This country is suffering a bullying epidemic, and having a major public figure who used to be part of the problem isn’t the right way to tackle this issue. If anyone seriously thought he had what it takes to run this country, I sincerely hope they’re reconsidering their position. Bullies are a blight on society, and people with a history of this brand of sociopathy ought not be holding public office.

I’m lucky in that I was never really bullied in school. Or, at least if I was bullied I was too oblivious to ever really notice it. Maybe I was bullied 24/7 and blacked out the memories, but since that sounds like psychoanalytical bullshit I doubt that’s the case. Anyway, I don’t think I ever realized how big a problem bullying and hazing were simply because I didn’t experience it. I feel like an asshole for assuming that everyone breezed through high school with as little hassle as me. If I could go back, I’d be that super-awesome gal who fights the bullies and rallies all the bullied kids together into a coalition of hope. However, I can’t do that, so I’ll do the next best thing: blog about assholes who got away with torture and are now within inches of become the most powerful person in the country. I do not want this man as my leader for many reasons, but right now, this seems like the biggest reason. Bullying is wrong, there is never any excuse, and Romney needs to recognize that, apologize, and give large sums of his money to an organization like You Are Not Alone at my school (a suicide prevention program) or a dedicated national antibullying program. Fucking inexcusable, jerk.


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