Shameless self-promotion time!

So my friends out there will tell you that I’m a big art buff and like to paint and take pictures and suchlike. It was actually my original dream before I found out I was better at writing (and that writing is easier because writing supplies are cheaper than art and photography supplies). My dream growing up was to be a bigshot photographer for the National Geographic. I still really wish I had followed that career path when I’m between daydreaming of developing video games and aborting attempts at novels simply because my pathological perfectionism makes me think that shitty first drafts are a sign that a work will never amount to anything. Anyway, I know a lot of people don’t know this because I rarely promote it aside from a little link way down at the bottom of this site’s sidebar, but I secretly have a deviantArt profile. I rarely post anything new on there these days because it’s so hard to promote yourself on that site without actually paying for some feature or other, which I don’t want to do unless I’m guaranteed to make my money back, but I just remembered that there are such things as photoblogs. While I don’t want to convert to a dedicated photoblog, I still thought I could use this site to promote my deviantArt profile and Google+ profile, since it seems that Google+ is where all the hip artists are hanging out these days. Anyway, I think I’ll make it a weekly thing, and if I get positive feedback I may start a secondary blog dedicated to my photos. Don’t know what will convince me to do that, since my reward to myself for three semesters of straight As is upgrading this little rinky-dink digs to a real live professional blog (look for the dot-com next Wednesday!), and if I’m doing that I dunno if I want to shell out for a second thingy unless it seems like it will pay out. But still, the very least I can do is get all you lurkers out there (I know you’re there, I get detailed stats here…) to go to my deviantArt site. (Like how I slipped the second link in there? I bet you know what to do…)

Anyway, starting at 9AM tomorrow, I’m doing something I call Fotography Friday (I heart alliteration, as anyone who’s read my poetry knows). I will feature a “new” photo every Friday, an Alice Edwardson original. (And by “new” I mean something that’s been on my deviant art for a few months/years.) I think this will also be good, because once I start my new job in August I’m gonna be putting the money toward hiring some models for a brilliant new philosophically-themed set I got the idea for last month, so I can promote that as well. Also, to make the shameless self-promotion complete, I think I’ll do an early bird special and share the week’s photo early on Google+ for the first couple of weeks. Maybe if I can get some real followers (most of my friends think it’s lame, but I think it combines the best of Facebook and Twitter), I’ll make it permanent. SO! Look me up on deviantArt and Google+ (Alice Edwardson) for previews, and if you like, come back every Friday!

Shameless! Simply shameless!

(P.S. I think I’ll be doing a spotlight on plastic cameras this month and maybe next, since I got a Holga 120CFN last summer for my birthday and despite the fact that it’s only a $50 toy camera I think it does some amazing shit and want to raise awareness for these toy wonders. Plastic!)


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