Entering the terrifying world of online dating

So I’ve officially gotten so desperate that I’ve entered the incredibly terrifying world of online dating. I’ve been single for more than two years now, and at first it was great because I got to have time for me and everything. Now, however, I’m starting to get really meh. I feel like I’ve worked through all my personal stuff and am finally ready for a serious relationship. Really, I thought I could go on indefinitely on my own, but I feel somewhat incomplete. However, it’s hard to meet people at school since I’m at least four years older than most of the people there, which doesn’t seem like much of an age difference, but when you’re in your twenties a four year difference is pretty much a massive generational canyon. I’ll be 26 in a month, and most of the seniors are only 21 or 22–I know one or two who are 23, and that’s about when my adult personality started forming, so that’s getting close. My therapist said it’s actually pretty common to feel disconnected from your fellow students when there’s an age difference of even a few years. For that reason, I opted to try some online dating services.

I started with Pink Cupid, which is subsidiary of Cupid.com aimed at lesbians. They have a free sign-up option where you have limited actions and everything, so I figured that I’d do that just to see if there was anyone in my area. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone uses that service very often, so I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to their paid service.

I then went over to Match.com. They are more restrictive of their free accounts, but there are more people on it, and they also have that six month Match.com Guarantee. However, they’re more expensive. Also, I’m not sure whether their guarantee covers trans folks. I know I shouldn’t be so pessimistic, but something tells me that it’s harder to match a trans lesbian than it is to match a cisgender lesbian. Le sigh…

Well, I’ll think about whether I want to try paying the outrages fees for their “Guarantee.” However, I’m skeptical of the whole online dating thing. It seems kinda weird. However, I’ve found social media to be more fun than I would have guessed, so perhaps my expectations shall be proved wrong. Still, I’m mildly skeptical.


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