A woman’s personality is a direct function of her looks

So, for the past two days I’ve been seeing this promotional poll on Facebook:

Which do you think fits me?

So, as you can see, the question reads, “Which Chubby Stick name fits your personality best?” Chubby Stick is a lip balm made by Clinique, so obviously this poll is aimed at the lady-types. Anyway, the thing that’s got me pissed off is the last option, which also seems to be the most popular. I see no way in which it could be extrapolated onto a personality type. It’s obviously a reference to a woman’s figure, which has absolutely nothing to do with her personality. The fact that the female Facebookers are responding that this matches their personality kind of makes me sad. It’s like the misogynist brainwashing is so complete a woman can’t separate her dreams, likes, dislikes, intelligence, ambition, etc. from her figure.

Why do we have to be like this? I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty plenty of times of assuming things about a person just because of how they look, but still, it’s something I try to change about myself and I think the world would be better if more people fought it. Someone’s figure is completely out of their control, and last I knew there was no known link between a woman’s curvosity and her personality. It’s like saying my gorgeous, curly locks say something more about me than the fact that I have really good genes. Incredibly ridiculous.

Also, I’m kinda irked about trying to jam people into really vague personality types based on clever names. Something about that bothers me, but I’ve always been confused by the personality typing craze. Completely unscientific.


One thought on “A woman’s personality is a direct function of her looks

  1. Wow, that entire poll is full of fail…none of those things are what you’d consider personality based that they could use, like “sweet,” “intense,” etc.

    I think the whole curvy thing is definitely due to misogynistic social conditioning. Nobody, male or female, should define their personality from their figure, or at least that’s what I think. Clinique might have chosen curvy because so often, curvy women are called fat and not beautiful enough, even though they make up more than 50% of the female demographic (I’m using curvy mainly to equal a size 12 and up, but there can be curvy size 2’s and curve-less size 14’s!)

    While it isn’t right, curvy women have defined themselves by their body because of being stigmatized by it, so Clinique is trying to get them to identify with a name that takes advantage of this stigmatization while also attempting to empower. Because women still feel so down about their bodies due to the media and misogyny, that’s probably why it’s working 😦

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