About ME!

I am a 26-year-old transgender writer (read: unemployed). I have been in and out of school for nearly eight years because I’m a geek like that. Currently I am studying Creative Writing and Philosophy, and in the past I have studied Physics, Astronomy, Studio Art, Art History, Latin, Classics, English Lit, and Film and New Media. I just can’t decide what to do with my life. I am a devout skeptic and would love to convert you, so if you hold any sort of mystical belief or anything like that I would love to debate and tell you why you’re crazy and don’t deserve the brain nature gave you. I am also an accomplished photographer and painter (read: very poor). Also, I am a total geek and love anything having to do with comic books or video games. And I know what THAC0 means. Oh, and my name is Alice.

Note that I am what folks call “asocial“, which means that secretly I hate you and all your silly activities. If I offend you in any way, it’s because I’m overly-critical of social norms and customs. I don’t mean anything personal by it.

If you are a gamer and want to look me up, you can contact me on PSN (TomatoEd4), Xbox Live (MrsSpookymuffin), Pokemon Global League (MsSpookum), or DCUO on PS3 server (Alexandrum or Mrs Spookymuffin) or GameFAQs (TheTomato). If you don’t have any of those accounts and want to get in touch with me you can email me at alice at mrsspookymuffin.com.


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