Where do these people get this shit??

Taken from Skepdic’s entry on the chupacrabra:

The ABEs [Anomalous Biological Entities] can also be the product of highly sophisticated genetic manipulations by human agencies. A Chinese-Russian scientist by the name of Dr. Tsian Kanchen, has produced genetic manipulations which have created new species of electronically-crossed plant and animal organisms. Kanchen developed an electronic system whereby he can pick up the bioenergetic field of the DNA of living organisms and transfer it electronically to other living organisms. By these means he has created incredible new breeds of ducks/chickens, with physical characteristics of both species; goats/rabbits, and new breeds of plants such as corn/wheat, peanut/sunflower seeds and cucumber/watermelons. These are produced by linking the genetic data of different living organisms contained in their bioenergetic fields by means of ultra-high frequencies biological linking. If the Russians have created this technology, then without doubt the US and other powers have too. Therefore, it is quite possible that the “Chupacabras” or ABEs could have been developed by humans.

Seriously? Do people buy this shit? This guy seems to mix ufology, cryptozoology, paranoid conspiracy theory, and New Age medicine! “Bioenergetic field of the DNA”???? Right, and we can use these cucumber/watermelons to cure cancer.

In case you’re wondering, the above quote is from one Jorge Martin, a Puerto Rican journalist who “has been researching UFOs for over 25 years.” If there are aliens out there, I only hope they don’t find Jorge first and decide to waste our planet after giving us up for a lost cause.

People like this make me want to give up on the human race. *le sigh*