Argentina is “lightyears ahead of the vast majority of countries” in the fight for trans rights

So as I was perusing Google+ instead of working on my novel, I stumbled upon this completely, totally, mind-bogglingly amazing news on Trans News Daily’s feed: In Argentina, trans people can now legally change their genders on government documents without any sort of psychiatric, medical, or judicial procedures! This is simply amazing. I remember in 2007, shortly after I came out to my close friends and family, New Jersey passed similar legislation for driver’s licenses, but this is even bigger. This is a federal law.

From the article:

“The fact that there are no medical requirements at all — no surgery, no hormone treatment and no diagnosis — is a real game changer and completely unique in the world. It is light years ahead of the vast majority of countries, including the U.S., and significantly ahead of even the most advanced countries,” said [Justus] Eisfeld [of Global Action for Trans Equality], who researched the laws of the 47 countries for the Council of Europe’s human rights commission.

Something like this makes me feel like not all is lost. Sure, it’s not the U.S. we’re talking about, but hopefully this helps spur other countries to action. Maybe I’ll actually live long enough to see true trans equality in my own country. This is truly one of the biggest wins ever. I had planned on doing some sort of analysis, but I’m simply speechless.

Taking away the hurdles to overcome and hoops to jump through can only spell good news for millions of trans Argentinians. Who knows, maybe one day we won’t even need gender identifiers on legal documentation. I think that’s probably the next thing for Argentina to aim for. One more step and they’ll be well on their way to liberation.

As for you American legislators: what the fuck y’all waiting for? Get with the times! Don’t let Argentina show us up!


Doomsday averted! (Oh-oh-oh)

So things are looking up! I was freaking out after getting shitty grades on my last philosophy assignments (or what I deem as shitty, which is basically anything that isn’t perfect) and worrying about my Philosophy of Language paper which I was supposed to have back by now. When I wrote it I felt good about it even though it took me no more than an hour and a half (I knew exactly what to say), but I also felt good about that exam that I got a B+ on in Theory of Knowledge, so in my depressive funk I was freaking out and thinking I got an F- on this paper. Anyway, I emailed my professor and she told me I got an A+, which makes me especially happy since she grades on a 4.3-point scale and even though it doesn’t actually show in my official transcript I like it when professors acknowledge an exceptional grasp of the material (I may not be a whiz philosopher, but my verbal IQ is so high that I could probably write my own dictionary so I’m down with this philosophy of language jazz). On top of that, I’m all over every single one of these study questions for the midterm tomorrow. Motherfucker, I’ma dominate this class!

Funny how the mood changes. It might also have something to do with the fact that I started taking my meds again. (I was broke and couldn’t afford them.) Either way, I’m no longer anti-world. (For now.)

(It’s the only one I could find!)