The ups and downs of novelizing

I’m working on my first novel right now and it’s coming along okay. I’ve published a few short stories and a poem in small literary magazines so I know I’ve got what it takes to write the short stuff, but novelizing is a fair bit more difficult. Mainly it’s coming up with a good beginning. I’ve rewritten the first chapter about six times now, and just a few days ago I scrapped it and integrated the few important bits into the second chapter, which is now tentatively serving as the first because my friend told me that he thought that was were the story really began. I will perhaps post it on my deviantArt site to see what others think, but really I don’t like sharing my work in progress unless it’s with other writers who are critiquing it and giving me constructive feedback.

In case you’re wondering, my novel is a surrealist failed love story. It’s about a struggling musician in his mid-twenties who meets and falls in love with a trans woman, but their relationship can never really get off the ground. The surrealist part comes in when he gains the ability to manipulate/control people with his music, but he can’t use that power on people he really cares about. I generally call my work “American fantastique” because that’s what I’m mostly inspired by. Most of my work is also heavy on religious or mythological themes (like much fantastique).

The working title of this project is ORPHEUS, so I’ll use that as the tag for posts relating to this novel in the future if you’re at all interested in keeping up with how it’s coming along.