Some thoughts on pantheism and deism

So I’ve been contemplating the mysteries of life (as usual) and I feel like I want to share my thoughts on two intriguing religious pgilosophies: deism and pantheism.

I’ll start with pantheism, since it’s the only religious philosophy I can get behind (given a few provisos). Pantheism is the belief that the universe, natural world, or nature is equivalent to god. I can get behind this idea, because the universe is the highest power I can think of. It is literally perfect; it could not exist if it wasn’t. It’s also indifferent, though, so New Age pantheists with their rituals and whatnot really blow my mind. That’s my first proviso for my endorsement of pantheism: that it ackowledges God’s indifference. My second proviso is that it is of the naturalistic variety, simply because I think knowledge is a function of the natural world, and if it did not exist, we would have no knowledge. Think about it: what would we truly know if the natural world did not exist? Our senses and minds would have lied to us; how could we know what’s true?

Deism, on the other hand, is somewhat more respectable than theism, if only for the fact that a noninterventionist god is more compatible with mainstream science’s understanding of the universe. However, I reject the argument that god can be known through reason. I know of no logical way to prove or disprove god; all strong claims one way or the other require a leap of faith. This is why I prefer so-called “weak” atheism.

Finally, I’ve come up with yet another way to describe my attitude towards god and the afterlife: spesism. Basically, I hope that there is something more out there, but I won’t hold my breath.