Fotography Friday: Plastic Camera Month Extended

So since my plastic camera month was not a full month, I decided to extend it just a bit. Here’s one that may look a little familiar:

Halo II, 6/2011, Lincoln, NE

This is just a shot of the dome at Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, NE. It was taken on Kodak Ektar 100 120 size film. It’s a little out-of-focus, but that’s the nature of Holgas. I have another shot of this same subject taken on my Canon EOS Rebel T2.i, but I like this one too. If you like this, be sure to say so!


Fotography Friday: Plastic Camera Month 3

So I was so busy playing with my new Droid that I almost forgot about this place! Just kidding. Here’s another one from the plastic camera vault:

Fountain, 8/2011, Lincoln, NE

This one was also taken on Ilford HP5 120 size film. It’s a fountain at the spa down the street from me. As I was taking the film out, I wasn’t using a changing bag, and it got loose and I had to reroll it, which is why it’s so leaky. I kind of like it; it pulls the picture together.

Fotography Friday: Plastic Camera Month 2

So continuing the plastic camera theme, here’s this:


Lily, 6/2011, Lincoln, NE

Another one taken on my Holga 120CFN, this time on Ilford HP5 120 size film. I like the heavy vignetting and contrast between light and dark in this one. Also, the sidewalk cutting through the upper right pulls the piece together and helps to frame it. My dad has a copy of this one.

Fotography Friday: Plastic Camera Month 1

So, here’s the photo for the very first week of my awesome shameless self-promotion ploy, Fotography Friday!


Black & White, 6/2011, Sunken Gardens

Like I promised, it was taken on a genuine plastic camera: a Holga 120CFN. Taken on Kodak Ektar ISO 100 120 film with natural light, hence the exaggerated vignetting bleeding out the edges. The uneven light distribution is probably my favorite thing about the traditional Holgas. Plastic cameras kick Instagram’s ass any day. (I just found out about Instagram a month ago because I’m so hip and with it and I got really pissed off.)

This gem was taken at Lincoln, Nebraska’s Sunken Gardens, which is where I always christen new photography equipment. (I always get new equipment in the summer since my birthday is June 29, which means Sunken Gardens is always at the height of its glory and ripe for photographing.) If you like it, check out my deviantArt site and leave a comment (or order something, if you want…). Also, I’m starting to promote my work on Google+, so look me up, the name’s Alice Edwardson. Maybe I’ll do some exclusives up there once my photosafari gets did in the next week or so.

Stay tuned for more purdy plastic pictures on the next Fotography Friday!