Three professors down

So far I’ve spoken to all of my philosophy professors about my transition and name change and all three of them are cool with it. My Theory of Knowledge professor pointed out that although my circumstances are unusual, the essence of my request (to be called by a name other than what records show) is not and probably does not warrant going out of my way to meet with my instructors. Still, it’s what my therapist recommended, so I think I should go with it.

In other news, my History of Modern Philosophy prof signed off on my skeptics’ club I have been trying to start on campus, so I turned that paperwork in.

Also, I fucking love this new phone! I’m writing this as I wait for the bus. Huzzah for technology!


Pre-semester instructor talking-tos

So my therapist suggested that I speak to my professors about my transition before the semester began, so I just sent out an email to all of them to see if I could get some face time with them. I’m a little nervous; I went to campus today to pick up my books and purposely went as androgynously as I could, which was a cop-out, I know, especially since campus wasn’t that crowded since it’s only the first day it’s opened again after break. Oh well, I’ll try not to be such a chicken in the future. I’m mostly just afraid of coming to be known as the campus tranny.

In other news, I’m wicked stoked for the coming semester. My semester average this fall was 3.934, which is what my total GPA should be, but until I got my act together over the summer I was a major goof-off and never really applied myself. In fact, going into last semester my cumulative GPA was 2.53! Just barely good enough to be eligible for even the shittiest of scholarships. Now it’s somewhere around 2.75, which is still not great, but at least it’s coming up. Given my IQ, there’s really no excuse for anything other than straight A’s. I just have to keep applying myself and I’ll be fine.

My schedule this semester rocks:

  • History of Modern Philosophy
  • Writing & Literacy
  • Linguistics & Society (special topic: Language Controversies)
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Theory of Knowledge

Can’t wait for this semester! I really don’t know which of these classes I’m most excited for. Writing & Literacy is probably the one I was least excited for, but the books for that class look interesting, so now I’m more excited for it. Also, I really like my History of Modern Philosophy professor; I took her Philosophy of Feminism class last spring and she’s pretty cool. Philosophy of Language and Theory of Knowledge are both huge interests of mine so I’m excited that I finally found time to squeeze them in, and I’ve always wanted to take a sociolinguistics class. Hopefully I can stay on the Dean’s List this semester. I don’t forsee any problems with that, now that I’m more committed and serious about succeeding in life.

Back to the trans stuff… I’m a little relieved that most of my instructors are women; the only man in the lot is my Theory of Knowledge professor. For some reason, I find it easier to talk to women about this sort of thing. I don’t know why, since I’m perfectly away of the fact that there are transphobic women and trans-friendly men, but women in general just seem more accepting to me. It’s a silly stereotype that I really haven’t ever been able to shake. Probably something to do with social conditioning. Oh well, as long as everyone is supportive and I’m not discriminated against in any way, I’ll be fine. I really don’t foresee any problems, though, because UNL, despite being in a rather desolate Midwestern city loaded with hicks, is one of the most progressive universities I’ve heard of. Not only do they provide services for trans people on campus, but they include gender identity and gender expression in their non-discrimination bylaws. That’s a rarity among U.S. universities, or at least it was as recently as 2005 (the last year that I have data for this subject). I’m really pretty lucky to have picked a more progressive school.