Biblically qualified to be president…

Superstitious Iowans are not sure which compulsive liar prospective candidate to back in the GOP primary, according to the Boston Globe.

I’m sick of these woo-worshippers acting like atheists are “morally bankrupt,” as this particular article puts it. As Richard A. Weatherwax said, “You don’t need the Bible to justify love, but I know of no better tool to justify hate.” But that’s beside the point. Who should voters vote for?

Really, it doesn’t matter. Politicians are usually either intentionally dishonest or vague, due mainly to the fact that their primary concern is getting power and holding onto that power. Social scientists believe that there are two types of needs everyone has: primary needs, i.e., need for affection and to feel like one belongs, and secondary needs, i.e., the need for power or influence. These needs are what drives us to form or join groups. Politicians, I believe, are weighted heavily toward the secondary needs side of the spectrum. True, some of them (maybe even most) really have the best intentions, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The best way to cast a vote is to think logically about which candidate has the greatest probability of working for the greater good. The greater good is, by definition, secular, because it would be contrary to that greater good to dictate religious or spiritual concerns. The greater good can usually be determined using some sort of utilitarian logic (hedonistic or negative, it doesn’t really matter). Remember, a society should work to make the largest possible percentage of its constituents happy.

I won’t mention who I’m voting for, because I haven’t decided. I honestly don’t like anyone. I voted for Obama in ’08, but then he turned into a soft-spined centrist so now I am regretting my decision. (Honestly, I was terrified of Palin and wanted to do anything I could to keep her away from the White House, so I would have voted for any opposition; I liked Gravel the best, but the media ruined him.)

Whatever you do, don’t vote for someone just because you think they’re “Biblically qualified.”